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Tree health negligence, as long as just a few weeks is enough to do more harm. Apart from the seasonal pruning and occasional fertilization schedule, regular tree care and monitoring, irrespective of the species type is a must. Austin’s Value Tree Service arborists always encourage yard or lawn owners to take even an evening stroll around their greenery every day as this might be an eye-opener. Change in coloration, new pests or insects, a skip in flowering, decaying fruits, etc., are the initial symptoms for most tree diseases. Any change that you spot quite unusual and you suspect that it needs attention, give us a call!

tree_disease_Austin_TXTree Disease Management is of high priority to health and maintenance. ISA certified arborists at Value Tree Service, are intellectually equipped on a wide range of plant diseases, infection control and management in Texas. Every part of all types of flora must be checked in order to achieve the health and aesthetic appearance you expect. Poor disease management will allow your green friends to fall prey to insects, pathogens, pests and infections that can kill them. It is of primary importance to have an arborist inspect your yard or lawn, thoroughly, at pre-set intervals. You might be surprised to know that, certain diseases are capable of killing your tree overnight and they might not have given you the smallest clue of its ill-health. Such predators need expert surveillance at the earliest. Depending on your requirement, Value Tree Service offers a variety of services under Tree Disease Management, among which Oak Wilt Management and Ball Moss and Mistletoe Removal take the lead (owing to the oak population in Austin, Texas). The criteria that our arborists inspect in disease management includes; tree species, size, locality, landscape, soil condition, weather and climatic conditions, plant history, root health, produce history (flowering and fruiting), leaf coloration, bark nature and trunk structure.

If you recognize the importance of tree health checkups and acknowledge that a professional knowledge on botanical diseases would help, we are here to aid your concern in every way. Save your greenery with Value Tree Service, the best tree care in Austin!