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It could have been a destructive storm that brought your tree down or a weak dying branch that crashed on your car unexpectedly, an infected leaf that you didn’t anticipate or decayed roots buried underground. Trees, shrubs, lawns, landscapes; every last worry of your treasured greenery, we, a leading Austin tree service company is here to handle them for you.

Value Tree Service, a qualified team of professional arborists who are committed to offer tree services in Austin required for your greenery. We are thrilled to be a part of your lawn’s story. Commencing right from suggesting saplings that will thrive on Texan landscape to guiding you through their full growth, every issue that may arise on your yard, we are glad to help.

Pruning, trimming, topping, tree removal, fertilization, pesticides, etc., may seem quite the common terms around the plant kingdom. However, when done carelessly, many do not realize that it renders a lot of stress on their world and has a huge effect on their health and growth. Tree care, ought to be done with professionalism and caution; if you are keen on a healthy tree that is not just aesthetically pleasing to view, rather has a strong structural integrity with preserved strength and seasonal characters. Moreover, a well rooted rigid trunk, cannot be assured with a free-from-pests lifetime. It demands maintenance, commitment and skill (most importantly!). Improper trimming or cutting can leave behind permanent damage to the foliage. Soil and roots that are unattended to, are the biggest threats. It is highly essential that every part gets specific care, provided you don’t want any more unexpected weak branches landing on your lawn.

Tree maintenance in Austin does not imply that you grab a pair of loppers and chop off  pale and dry leaves each time you spot one. Nor does it mean that you run the lawn mower whenever the grass makes you lose a shoe. This is not maintenance, this is negligence. Pruning or trimming has its own seasons and they vary with climatic conditions, geographical location and topography. Therefore, pruning has a technique of its own. How you trim and where you trim highly matters in the flora world. If you are no expert at it, we suggest you leave it to the tree pruning experts in Austin.

Arboriculture, the study of plants; covers the cultivation process, management and individual plant care. Only a qualified arborist is capable of recognizing every need of your plant. Each growth phase, plant type, soil and even plant disease, will need explicit attention. Arborists are equipped to identify these criteria specific requirements, and treat the plant accordingly. Thus, we are confident that our tree services in Austin is the right stop; owing all credit to our team of certified arborists who are experienced and skilled. We also offer to help you with younger shrubs, landscapes, lawn, soil, fertilizers and insecticides infusion, any tree emergency, roof and debris clearing, stump removal, etc.

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    Do my trees benefit from Value Tree Service?

    tree removal in Austin TX

    • Certainly Yes! Regular care will display significant improvement in plant growth and appearance. With crowning and thinning techniques, trees can be built to grow in a desired architectural structure. You would ensure there are sufficient airflow and sunlight passing through the branches, uplifting the natural beauty and stature.
    • Decaying leaves and branches, when treated with care, can be restored back to original vigor, although this might require a solid cutting of live branches as well.
    • When to cut and where to cut, is the common dilemma that many go through. Pruning trees at the right node, angle and time is critical. Few of them might require a year long trimming while for others the dormant season is the right time. Pruning at the right place and knowing how they respond to each cut: only a professional can help.
    • Loose limbs, limbs entangled with utility lines, weak or decaying or dead branches are always a threat; trimming will take care of this problem.
    • Low lying branches that interrupt vehicular traffic, definitely needs attention.
    • Root collars buried underground, infections in the root or roots just growing steadily onto constructed areas uprooting the pavement; is an obvious public concern. If you have a whole stretch of trees and one of them suffer from an infection, roots are the pathogens’ best mode to transfer the infection. For a complication as this, professional interference to expose root collar is a wise option.
    • Uprooted trees require careful and haste clearing. Whether a storm did this or it was an unnoticed infection; our experts with highly efficient machinery are capable of solving this for you hassle-free.
    • Tree stumps left behind on lawns could be yet another hazard. With our smooth functioning stump grinders, we could get rid of that as well.
    • Infections, especially fungal, spreads like a forest fire. Observing plant life on an everyday basis will help you notice any changes in leaf color, branch strength, a sudden non-flowering season.
    • Lawn and landscapes that have grass trimmed to equal length, fresh green in color are a delight to the eye. Suggestions or recommendation on how to maintain your lawn will come with the best tips from an arborist.
    • Soil care is priority number one! Nutrient and water content in the ground requires regular monitoring. It does not stop with pumping few minerals and pesticides into the ground. You should check on a regular basis if your tree benefits from them if there are positive changes in the way it looks and grows. Our methods of soil aeration would make this more clear to comprehend.
    • Soil ecology, pests, other plant lovers: watch them like a hawk. There are certain microbes that are a necessity for your tree, and there are few others who cling on with no good purpose. Identifying pests and tackling them at the appropriate time is of foremost importance.