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Any garden is incomplete without flowers. Do you agree? Well, maybe not exactly for a full-on green lover, but flowering plants make any place beautiful. If you are a gardener who loves flowering plants in Austin, you are probably celebrating right now because Fall is here! The best time to plant flowering perennials is Fall. And if you start now, you can expect to have wonderful blossoms in summer and throughout again.

So here we have arrived at our pick of the 7 Best Flowering Perennials in Austin, Texas. When we say flowering perennials in Austin, there is a lot of groundwork to be done too. The plants have to be easily available, drought- tolerant, pest tolerant and quite hardy to go easy on you. And this list is indeed the best flowering perennials in Austin you can find. Take a peek and make a pick!

1. Mexican Mint Marigold

Mexican Mint Marigold-value-tree-service-austin
Botanical Name: Tagetes lucida

If you are looking for wonderful sweet smelling flowers in your garden that will also add essence to your kitchen as a herb, Mexican Mint Marigold will be a good choice. This flowering plant in Austin is known for its bright small flowers that are a wonderful sight, the pleasant fragrance of the flowers and for the contrasting dark green leaves. The plant is quite resistant to hot and humid weather and that is why it is one among the best flowering perennials in Austin. It is hardy and can do well with average water and full sun. This is drought tolerant once well established. Grows to about 3 feet tall and blooms in Fall allowing you to add some color to your fall garden.

2. May Night Salvia

May Night Salvia-value-tree-service-austinBotanical Name: Salvia x sylvestris

Are you a purple lover? If yes, this one can be for you. May Night Salvia, also known as the Wood Sage is a beautiful dash of purple in the garden. This flowering perennial in Austin, Texas is another hardy plant that copes well once well established. The leaves are greyish green and the flowers are long blooms of indigo blue or purple. The plant thrives in borders, containers, cutting garden and rock garden. This flowering plant blooms in summer to midsummer time and is found to do well in Fall as well. It requires full sun for growth, is pretty fast growing and requires well-draining soil with sufficient amount of water (especially on the dry and hot days of summer). It grows to about 18 to 24 inches tall and wide and will definitely be a bright addition to your garden area.

3. Batface Cuphea

Batface Cuphea-value-tree-service-austin
Botanical Name: Cuphea llavea

In for some fun in the garden, to welcome a little vampire? This flowering perennial in Austin is adorable looking, or even just a bit creepy. Safe to say the perfect flowering plant Austin needs for Halloween. The Batface Cuphea has distinct looking black and red colored flowers, which very much resemble bats! Even with the red cape of Dracula maybe. The plant is extremely tolerant to tough weathers and will do well with just full to part sun. The watering must be monitored to be medium and when necessary and you will have tiny bat-like flowers blooming in your garden! The shrub grows to about 2 feet in height. The leaves are hairy and ovulate and the blooms start appearing from late spring to frost.

4. Globe Mallow

Globe Mallow-value-tree-service-austin
Botanical Name: Sphaeralcea munroana

Looking for some colors that will complement other bright colors in your garden? Globe Mallow maybe the one flowering perennial for Austin Fall garden, that will be subtle and yet beautiful. This flowering shrub is yet again low maintenance and will be tolerant to tough weather times. It has greyish foliage and blooms are bright orange to be attractive and strikingly beautiful. It needs full sun and moderate water and will give you wonderful blooms throughout! Grows to 3 feet in height and 2 feet in spread.

5. Jerusalem Sage

Jerusalem Sage-value-tree-service-austin
Botanical Name: Phlomis fruticosa

Here we have another different looking flower that will be a great addition to your garden in Austin. The Jerusalem Sage is a flowering perennial in Austin that has its fair share of fame for doing excellently well. It is low maintenance, disease-free most of the time and attracts the eye with its bright yellow hooded flowers. The stem is erect in a low shade of green and the flower structure and color are an eye-catcher for all the right reasons. The plant requires full sun and medium watering, and well-drained soil. It is tolerant during droughts once established and will look perfect for the sunny border, cottage garden or coastal garden. This flowering Austin perennial grows to 2 to 4 feet in height with 3 to 5 feet spread.

6. Yellow Bells

Botanical Name: Tecoma stans

A large shrub perennial to add life to your Fall garden in Austin- Yellow Bells. The shrub gets its name from the shape of the flowers that look like bells. The bright yellow flowers against the bushy green leaves spark interest. You can expect this one to grow up to 6 feet tall if the shrub catches on. The requirements to make this one a winner would be full sun exposure, good drainage, and regular watering. This one is also quite drought tolerant once established so you may have to put in some effort there. This will be a great addition to border and when they reach full height, it really does enliven a garden!

7. Mexican Bush Sage

Mexican Bush Sage-value-tree-service-austin
Botanical Name: Salvia leucantha

The last one of our best flowering perennials in Austin is similar to the first one on our list. The Mexican Bush Sage is a pleasant looking flowering shrub that catches the eye with its soft purple and white long and slender blossoms. The plant is hardy, drought tolerant and easy to grow. It is best suited for flower beds, borders, containers and will do excellent as cut flowers. The blooms are quite beautiful and attractive for Fall. This grows to a height of 4 to 6 feet and will do well in full or part sun, well-drained soils with medium and even moisture.

That is the end of our list of 7 Best Flowering Perennials in Austin, Texas. Have a great Fall with these beautiful flowers in your garden. For more assistance in greenery, contact us at Value Tree Service, the best arborists in Austin.

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