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How to Identify an Unhealthy Tree?

Despite the fact that a large tree in the lawn, giving graceful shade to a cottage is the most popular scenic heartthrob the reality is slightly different. Trees on the lawn are beautiful and very truly it is necessary to grow more trees for a healthy atmosphere and ecosystem. However, this does not dismiss the truth that, in the current …Read More

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Guard Your Trees From Root Rot

Roots are the first form of life in trees. Any lay person knows and agrees with how important the root system is to any plant, not just the large bodied trees. Keeping the root system healthy is essential to maintain overall tree health. Luckily, Austin, Texas is experienced with several root diseases management and techniques because of the wide variety …Read More

The most common tree diseases in Texas

There are several factors that influence the appearance and vigor of your tree today. Does your tree look happy lush green? It’s for a reason. Or does your tree seem a little off-color than usual? There is a reason again. However, as a layperson without any certified knowledge on tree health, the first thought that strikes one’s head when I …Read More