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We totally understand how much you love your house plants. Indoor plants and outdoor plants, the beautiful ornamental garden plants or just the simple shrubs for the lawn. No matter how they are; your plants and shrubs may be quite special to you. And if you have a furry child, then probably your pet might end up showing more visible affection to your plants. A large majority of people are increasingly becoming more interested in a variety of services for dogs and plants. They read 2017 bark box reviews, buy expensive pet accessories, take their pooches to pet spas, etc., When you care this much for your fur friends, it is also important to know how they deal with the plants around them. This is exactly why as a dog owner one must be aware of toxic and non-toxic plants for dogs.

Non-Toxic Plants for Dogs

Apart from dogs being destructive to plants in the name of excitement, it is natural for any dog owner to be cautious and concerned about the dog’s well being if they happen to consume the plants. It is highly essential to be aware of pet-friendly house plants that will bring no harm to your animal friends. Here we have a short list of dog-friendly plants that can decorate your home and also keep your dog happy (even after chewing a branch off!)

  1. Echeverias


If you love simple but attractive decorative house plants for your home, this one is for you! This beautiful cactus-like succulent plant is a stunner and a favorite of many. Echeverias, commonly known as Copper Rose is a simple but elegant plant. It is succulent, has silky and soft to touch leaves and has a mesmerizing rosy shade at the borders of its leaves. It requires very little maintenance and is also a wise choice that will draw very little attention from your dog.

  1. Thyme

A dual purpose plant for the home- Thyme. Simple and serves the purpose of having a plant, and it also doubles up as a herb to add essence to your cooking. Your dog might never mind the herb quietly sitting on your windowsill or kitchen. It is pretty, aromatic and very useful with its health benefits. A very clever dog-friendly plant for your home!

  1. OrchidsDancing Lady Orchid-value-tree-service

There are a certain variety of orchids that can be had at home without the fever of being toxic to pets. The Dancing Lady Orchid, for example, is one good choice. With the right amount of sunshine and water, you can have this beautiful flowering plant hanging from your porch or somewhere safe away from your dog’s teeth. It is bright yellow with a drop a red, bearing close similar resemblance to lady dancing holding her dress. This is absolutely pretty and easy to save from your dog’s reach and is also a pet-friendly flowering plant.

  1. Impatiens

If your interest lies in big potted plants, you can consider having the Tangerine Impatience or the Giant Touch-Me-Not (common name). They are annual blooming plants, giving you bright colored flowers in shades of red, pink, orange, white and lilac. Of course, they are beautiful to watch and add a subtle royalty to your home, but they require a good amount of sunlight. So it is best to have them close to the window, on the balcony or outdoor. How are you planning on keeping away your dog from the tender flowers? Well, you have to have some tricks up your sleeves. Rest assured, that your dog will not be the victim from these pet-friendly flowers though.

  1. Roses

To clear the doubts here we have roses on the list. Roses are the often preferred, beloved and attractive flowers for decoration and celebration. They are totally pet-friendly flowers and your dog will probably love ripping the flowers off your table. But, they will do your dog no harm, however, you must have the thorns nipped off before setting them in a place where your pet can access.

  1. Gerbera DaisiesGerbera Daisies-value-tree-service

If only dogs could see the beautiful colors of Gerbera Daisies, they might spare the breathtakingly wonderful flowers. Sadly, no hopes there. These are the perfect choice for a colorful celebration to set on a center table for any occasion. You can choose the colors to match the occasion and these flowers will never disappoint your day (neither your dog’s).

  1. Blushing Bromeliad

If your choice is more towards a formal set up, we suggest Blushing Bromeliad. This plant is pet-friendly, colorful and also a poise decorative plant. It is a soft wooded perennial plant, has spiny leaves that bloom out with colored centers. Reds and purples are the colors their centers are in and they also produce white or blue flowers when they bloom. They are perfect for an official atmosphere or even for a modern room.

  1. Moth Orchid

Add more elegance and beauty to your living room or any room with Moth Orchids. They are pretty, require low maintenance and is a great plant to have without the fear of causing your dog any harm. Moth orchids come in a wide variety of colors and types. Pink, purple, white, cream, reds, etc., are the color families they come in. With this, you get to have a non-poisonous plant for dogs at home, plus the wonderful advantage of beautiful blooms all year round.

  1. African Violets

Add some color to your windowsills with lovely container plants like African Violets. Apart from being a non-toxic plant for dogs, these are easy to care for, inexpensive and beautiful to have. You can choose the perfect indoor pot of African Violets from the colors pink, red, white, blue and lavender.

  1. Ponytail Palmponytail palm-value-tree-service

Another sophisticated looking plant that is also an excellent decorative choice- Ponytail palm. It is point blank simple and sturdy. Your dog is neither going to be harmed, nor your plant will suffer much. It has a pop up like spread of grassy leaves that are perfect for an official and modern room. It is jokingly also called a ‘plant of steel’ and can be your favorite, knowing it is a non-toxic plant for dogs.

That is the end of our list of dog-friendly indoor plants. Hope you find the list useful and exciting as much as your dog would.

Toxic Plants for Dogs

We think it is quite important to also be aware of the plants to avoid. If at all you happen to own these toxic plants for dogs or if you notice them in any of your kith and kin’s homes who own pets, warn them to remove these plants from the pet’s reach. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is very particular about having the right plants at home when one owns a pet. They have an extensive list of poisonous plants to dogs and other animals. If your dog accidentally consumes a toxic plant, it could result in serious consequences on health and behavior. Here we have a short and common list of poisonous plants to dogs that one must avoid.

  1. Bird’s Tongue Flowerbird's tongue flower-value-tree-service

Bird’s Tongue Flower is an attractive flower and is common in many lawns, mostly in the tropic regions. However, this is quite a toxic flower to dogs. If the seeds or fruits are consumed, your dog may suffer from nausea, vomiting, and drowsiness. If you have this beauty in your garden, watch out!

  1. Black Walnut

Although walnut trees are a great choice for a spacious lawn, they are not a good idea to have around when you have dogs at home. Black walnuts are toxic to dogs. The moldy nuts and hulls can cause tremors and seizures and incoordination in dogs. If you happen to have this tree in your lawn or a dog at home, it is time to make a decision.

  1. Aloe Vera

This again is a very common plant in most homes. Aloe Vera is loved for the amazing beauty benefits it provides. However, it does no good for your dog. Aloe Vera gel is edible and is, therefore, a poisonous plant to a dog. It causes vomiting, lethargy, and diarrhea if consumed by your dog. If your dog has been showing any of these symptoms lately and if you have this toxic plant at home, double check on it now!

  1. African Wonder TreeAfrican Wonder Tree-value-tree-service

A highly poisonous plant for dogs that one should look out for- African Wonder Tree (also known by its scientific name Ricinus communis). This is the castor oil plant and the toxic substance from this is ricin. If your dog consumes the fruit of this plant these are the symptoms to watch- loss of appetite, excessive thirst, weakness, colic, trembling, sweating, loss of coordination, difficulty breathing, depression, bloody diarrhea, seizures, death. This toxic plant for a dog is a bad option to be on your lawn. Consider removal at the earliest.

  1. American Holly

A bright choice to have at home- Amerciann Holly; its bright red fruit is a wonderful sight that adds color and joy during the winter season. Sadly, it won’t bring any joy to your dog. Your dog will have vomiting, diarrhea, and depression if it eats the fruit from Amercian Holly.

  1. Barbados LilyBarbados Lily-value-tree-service

What beautiful lilies are the Barbados lilies! They are pretty and come in an attractive shape. However, the Lycorine and other alkaloids in this plant are highly toxic substances to dogs. The bulbs of the plant especially are the most poisonous. Vomiting, salivation, and diarrhea are the symptoms. If your dog goes on to have large ingestions of the plant this can cause convulsions, low blood pressure, tremors and cardiac arrhythmias.

  1. Australian Nut

The famous Australian Nut or Macadamia Nut is another one on the list of toxic plants for dogs. It is wise to have this tree removed if you also happen to be a dog owner. Accidental ingestion of these nuts cause the following complaints in dogs- depression, hyperthermia, weakness, muscular stiffness, vomiting, tremors, increased heart rate. If your beloved furry friend has any of these symptoms and you also have the Australian Nut tree at home, it is time to give it up.

  1. AlocasiaAlocasia-value-tree-service

Elephant’s Ear or Alocasia is a widely preferred decorative plant. Many formal buildings prefer to have Alocasia. But, if your home also has this alongside your pet, then it will do no good. The plant contains insoluble calcium oxalates which make it appear on the list of poisonous plants for dogs. Oral irritation, pain, and swelling of mouth, tongue, and lips, excessive drooling, vomiting, and difficulty in swallowing are the results of chewing on this plant.

  1. Bergamot Orange

Although it might excite the taste buds, Bergamot Orange is not apt to have around your dog friend. The essential oils and psoralens in the fruit are quite harmful to dogs. Your dog will show symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, depression and potential photosensitivity or dermatitis if they have consumed the fruit.

  1. Apricot

Although Apricot might happen to be many people’s favorite, or maybe even your dog likes it, but unfortunately, should have at any cost. The stem, leaves, and seeds of Apricot contain cyanide or Cyanogenic glycosides (in some species), which makes this a very toxic fruit for dog consumption. If your dog has access to apricots and shows signs of dilated pupils, difficulty in breathing, panting or shock; probably they have been busy chewing on the plant parts behind your back.

We are at the end of the list and we hope you find this helpful. Do take the time to make sure your lawn has pet-friendly plants and trees alone. If you require any assistance in tree removal or help to further understand your green friends, contact Value Tree Service, the tree service experts in Austin, Texas. Furthermore, if you are interested to keep your dog friends entertained apart from plants, you can take a peek at exciting toys and treats from dog subscription boxes. Happy gardening (and chewing!).

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