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With each passing day, the concern for the overall health and well-being of the environment around us is growing. Be it either as a word of caution or out of a deep sense of appreciation for nature amidst the world thriving within technology- either way, as tree lovers, we are glad!

It is yet again the important time of the year, and there are lots of activities spinning around to keep one busy. It is Spring, and Arbor Day is here! This year Arbor Day falls tomorrow, 29th of April 2016, and it is special. To brush up a little bit on history, Arbor Day is a day set aside to celebrate and care for trees, shrubs, plants and every form of flora around us. Each country celebrates this day according to the season that suits them the best (like Spring, the best time in a plant’s life!). In the United States of America, Arbor Day was first celebrated by Julius Sterling Morton and his wife Caroline. When they moved to Nebraska City, they adorned their new home with several trees and flowers, expressing their love and care for nature. And that was the first!

135 years have rolled by since the first Arbor Day in the U.S, and each year has something unique and special to record within the community or city. Arborists, tree lovers, tree service companies and ecologists come up with creative and inspiring activities and events that remind us to be grateful to the wondrous work of trees. Are you a passionate tree lover as well? Go check out your nearest tree service center or tree care community to participate in their activities. If not, start off with an event in your own community to make the day memorable! You could…

  • Plant a tree- Check with an arborist which sapling can be planted this season to suit your soil type.
  • A ‘s-tree-t’ play- Gather around the children in your community and conduct a small skit or play that speaks of the benefits of trees.
  • Take a nature walk- Go around your community and take the time to recognize and learn the different trees planted. Consciously make an effort to maintain and care for the trees in your community and plant more!
  • Visit a horticultural center- There are definitely plenty of trees and shrubs around that you know nothing of. Visit the nearest horticultural center and expand your knowledge of the flora world.
  • If you are a resident of Austin, drop into Value Tree Service tomorrow to participate in our events and learn more about tree services from our experts in person.

In addition to the above, there are several new ideas to celebrate Arbor Day tomorrow. Make an effort to recall and spread the word that, tree care is necessary more often that just one day. Being grateful for the flora around us is an act that all humans ought to express and behold everyday! Wishing you a Happy Arbor Day from our Value Tree Service team.

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